#adaWawasan “From Renting To Owning” – Channel W

#adaWawasan “From Renting To Owning”


Still paying out your rent?

Thinking of getting your own place? Not sure how to come out from your mother’s house? Come equip yourself with tips from renown property experts .

The problems of would-be first time home buyers have been mentioned over and over again and government has time and again intervene as much as possible with incentives and by lowering the prices of low cost houses. But perhaps that alone isn’t enough. With the topic ‘From renting to owning’, we are bringing in the property gurus, investors well versed in the property market under on roof. We aim to provide some clues and tips on how first time home buyers can get their hands on those keys.

So come and join us:-


Time: 4.30 – 5.30pm
Location: Teratak Restaurant, Glo Damansara
Topic: ‘From renting to owning’

Moderator: Syasya Jamal


1. Ahyat Ishak, Property Strategist
2. Alan Poon, Author and Property Investor
3. Michael Tan, Property Investor


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