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Grey Zone – new in International Mystery & Thriller

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This 2018 award winning thriller series from Sweden revolves around Victoria, who works as a specialized drone engineer. She is taken hostage in the home by terrorists, while the security police in Sweden, led by SÄPO agent Eva, and the Danish colleagues at PET are trying to prevent an imminent terrorist attack. The destiny of the two women is intertwined in a gray zone where morality and responsibility are put at risk.

Across 10 heart-stopping episodes, Victoria must risk everything to steal the equipment, whilst also working as a double agent for the security police who will do anything to see the attack stopped. However, beneath the hate, the fear and the prejudices, real feelings start to emerge between Victoria and her captor. But are they able to truly look past their differences and can the attack be averted?

Episode 1. The takeover.

When the Swedish Security Police, SÄPO, retains a suspicious truck headed from Denmark to Gothenburg, Sweden, SÄPO officer Eva Forsberg makes a terrifying discovery; a fully armed air-to-ground missile.

A Danish-Swedish anti-terror unit is formed, lead by Eva and the Danish police officer Jesper Lassen from the Danish Security Police, PET. Their job is to identify a possible motive for the presence of the missile in Scandinavia and to evaluate the potential terror threat.

During a business trip, the Danish software engineer Victoria Rahbek runs into a former fellow student, the Swedish journalist Iyad Adi Kassar. Victoria agrees to an interview but the conversation takes an unexpected turn.

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