Investments In Melaka Up Substantially To RM22.5 Billion In Last 4 1/4 Years – Channel W

Investments In Melaka Up Substantially To RM22.5 Billion In Last 4 1/4 Years

KUALA LUMPUR – Melaka managed to chalk up investments to the tune of RM22.5 billion in just the last four-and-a-half years.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said this was a superlative performance from the RM13 billion investments recorded in the five years prior to that.

Investment-friendly policies which led to an influx of foreign direct as well as domestic investments led Melaka to climb to the fourth top destination in the country from 11th previously, he said today.

“Never before in the state’s history have we notched up such a huge sum of investments,” he said in an interview, the excerpts of which were released in a statement today.

The single largest investment was made by Edra Power which poured in RM4.5 billion to build a gas turbined power plant with a capacity of 1,500 megawatts, employing 1,200 workers jobs through the period of construction.

“The power generated can supply the states of Johor, Negeri Sembilan as well as Melaka,” he said.

Besides this, Idris said Micron Semiconductor Sdn Bhd will invest US$500 million in a wafer microelectronic venture in the state, while Infineon Technologies is the biggest employer in Melaka with 7,500 workers.

According to Infineon, Melaka is the largest supplier of skilled workers in the semiconductor industry.

CTRM Aero Composites Sdn Bhd, chose to locate in Melaka, manufacturing airplane parts for Boeing and Airbus, because the state has the widest experience in producing composite parts.

Idris, an engineer by profession, said the state is also a pioneer in environmentally sustainable projects, as evidenced by the Melaka Town of Green Technology Programme.

“We are the most advanced in the country, leading in any initiative for a green technology environment in line with the Millennium Sustainable Development goals,” he added.

The Melaka State Corporation is an agency which monitors all investments in the state, while assisting investors keen on obtaining local expertise for their operations.



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