Thunderstorm Warning in Sarawak Waters, Labuan, Straits Of Malacca – Channel W

Thunderstorm Warning in Sarawak Waters, Labuan, Straits Of Malacca

Thunderstorm alert in Sarawak’s coast ( Mukah, Bintulu, Rejang and Miri ) has been issued by Malaysian Metrological Department MetMalaysia which is expected to hit till tomorrow morning.

According to MetMalaysia website, this situation is very dangerous especially to the small boats where strong winds up to 50km/h and rough sea with waves of more than 3.5m may occur.

Besides, the same agency also has made another powerful storms warning which will likely hit North Malacca, Reef South and Labuan. Till tomorrow morning, all small boats activities are very risky as this situation may bring strong winds with the speed of 50 kilometers per hour and 3.5m current or  strong waves.

An earthquake alert which is expected to occur around 6.5 magnitude quake at latitude 55.4 north and longitude 166.5 east, according to MetMalaysia today. Area that maybe affected includes Komandorskiye Ostrova, north east of Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy, Russia and north east Kudat, Sabah.

However, there is no tsunami warning issued.


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